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The prices shown below are retail prices. For the best deal, contact one of our salesmen at (712) 243-7739 in Iowa or (408) 560-2802 in Kansas.

If the desired amount is not currently in stock, please include it on the quote; a staff member will look it over and order more.

If you want a product that is not listed, please email us in the 'Get In Touch' section below or call one of our stores.

We are currently selling glyphosate products to farm customers only - no dealers, wholesalers, or custom applicators.

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Product name
2,4-D- 2,4-D LV 6 (2x2.5)
2,4-D- Amine 4 (2x2.5)
2,4-D- Defy Amine 4 (2x2.5)
2,4-D- Solve 2,4-D (2x2.5)
2,4-D LV#6 (265)
2,4 D-Amine (2x2.5)
Acropolis (2x2.5)
Aim EC (6x1qt)
AirLink (2x2.5)
AMS-Zippsol (40x51#) Bags
AMS-Zippsol (40x51) Pallet C&C
Anthem Flex (4x1)
Anthem Maxx (2x2.5)
Aproach Prima (2x2.5)
Assure II (2x2.5)
Atrazine 90 DF(45x25#)
Atz- Atrazine4LFlow (250)
Atz- Atrazine4LFlow (Bulk)
Atz- Atrazine4LFlow(2x2.5)
Authority Edge (2x2.5)
Authority Elite (2x2.5)
Authority First- Sulfen Coran
Authority First- Vibrant(2x5#)
Authority First (2x10#)
Authority Maxx (2x10#)
Authority MTZ DF (2x12#)
Authority Supreme (2x2.5)
Authority XL (2x10#)
Aztec HC Smart Box (50#)
Beyond (2x1)
Bifenthrin- Bifen 2EC (2x2.5)
Bifenture LFC (2x2.5)
Brixen (2x2.5)
Bromacil 40/40 (8x6#)
Cadence Atz NXT (bulk) (265)
Cadence LA NXT (bulk) (265)
Cadet (6x1qt)
Canopy EX (8x80 oz)*
Capture LFR (2x2.5)
Chlorpyrifos- Chlorpyrifos 4EAG
Chlorpyrifos- Pilot 4E (2x2.5)
Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG (265)
Clarity- Clash (2x2.5)
Clarity- Detonate (2x2.5)
Clethodim- Clethodim 2E (2x2.5)
Clethodim- Prime Source (2x2.5)
Clethodim-Trizenta (2x2.5)
Cloak (8x5#)
Cloak EX (6x80 oz)
Cobra (2x2.5)
COC 17%- Vigor (275)
COC 17%- Vigor (2x2.5)
COC 60/40- Exchange (2x2.5)
Command 3 ME (2x2.5)
Compadre (4x1)
Compatability Agent (4x1)
Convert Compatability Agent
Copper Sulfate (2#)
Copper Sulfate (50#bag)
Corvus (2x2.5) Liquidation
Crossroad (2x2.5)
Defoamer (12x1)
Defoamer (2x2.5)
Dicamba- Dicamba DMA Salt (265)
Dicamba- DicambaDMASalt (2x2.5)
Dicamba- Drexel Dicamba (265)
Diuron - Direx 4L (2x2.5)
Drift Control (4x1)
Dye- Hi-Light Blue (12x1qt)
Dye Red (6x1)
Engenia (125)
Engenia (125)*
Engenia (2x2.5)
Engenia (2x2.5) *
Enlist One (250)
Enlist One (2x2.5)
Enlite (8x84)
Envive (8x88 oz)
Equip (8x50 oz)
Erase (4x1)
Ethos XB (2x2.5)
Express Totalsol (12x15 oz)
Extreme (2x2.5)
Factor (2x2.5)
Fertilizer- w/ Merit
Fierce (4x6#)
Fierce EZ (2x2.5)
Finesse (12x20oz)
FirstRate (4x.75#)
FirstRate (4x10x.6oz)
Flame (2x2.5)
Flo Rite 1706 (2x2.5)
Flu-Rimuron (4x5#)
Flu-Rimuron Consigned
Flumioxazin 51 WDG (4x5#)Tigris
Foam Marker- Everlast (4x1)
Foam Marker Ultra Mark (4x1)
Fortix (2x2.5)
Gly- Buccaneer5Extra (265)
Gly- Credit 5.4 Extra (250)
Gly- Crop$mart 5.4# (265)
Gly- Durango (250) *
Gly- Glyphosate53.8% (265)
Gly- GlyStar 5 Extra (2x2.5)
Gly- MadDog 5.4 (260)
Gly- MadDog 5.4 (2x2.5)
Gly- MadDog 5.4 (Bulk)
Gly- Sunphosate 5.4 (265)
GrazonNext HL (2x2)
Headline AMP (2x2.5)
Hero EC (4x1)
Hero EC (4x1) *
Hornet WDG (4x6#)
Ice Melt
Ilevo (2x2.5)
Imazethapyr 2SL (4x1)
Imlach (4x1)
Impact 2.8 SC (12x30)
Impact Z (2x2.5)
Index (15 gal keg)
Instigate (2x210oz)
Interline (260)
Interline (2x2.5)
Lambda Cy- Silencer (4x1)
Lambda Select (4x1)
Lamcap II (4x1)
Lucento (2x2.5)
Lucento (2x2.5)*
Malathion 5EC (4x1)
Medal II Atz (2x2.5)
Mepiquat Chlor - Mepex (2x2.5)
Meso- Bellum (2x2.5)
Meso- Mesotrione4SC(2x2.5
Meso- Motif (2x2.5)
Metribuzin- Metricor DF (2x10#)
Metsulfuron- MSM 60 (8x8oz)
Metsulfuron- Plotter (8x8oz)
Milestone (12x1qt)
Moccasin (2x2.5)
Moccasin II Plus (2x2.5)
Moccasin MTZ+ (2x2.5)
MSO (275)
MSO (2x2.5)
Mustang Max (4x1)
Mustang Maxx (4x1) *
NIS 90/10 (275)
NIS 90/10 (2x2.5)
Nutex (2x2.5)
Outlook (2x2.5)
Pacer (2x2.5)
Panoramic 2 SL (2x2.5)
Panoramic 2 SL (4x1)
Paraquat- Paraquat43.2%SL (265)
Permethrin- Perm-Up 3.2EC (4x1)
Permethrin- Permethrin (4x1)
Perpetuo (2x2.5)
Pic- Triumph 22K (2x2.5)
Pic + D- Gunslinger (2x2.5)
Powerflex HL (4x10#)
Pramitol 25E (4x1)
Pramitol 5PS (25#)
Prevathon (2x2.5)
Priaxor (2x2.5)
Protyx (2x2.5)
Python WDG (4x2.5#)
Quelex (6x1.875#)
Rapport BroadSpec (8x2#)
Raptor (2x1)
Realm Q (8x80)
Resicore (250)
Resicore (265)*
Resicore (partial)*
Resource (4x1)
Revytek (2x2.5)
Satellite Hydrocap (2x2.5)
Scepter 70 DG (4x8.75#)
Secure (2x2.5)
Seed-Birdsfoot Trefoil
Seed-Bromegrass (50#)
Seed-GrazingPasture Mix (50#)
Seed-Rye Grain-Fall (1 bu bag)
Seed-Terrace & Waterway (25#)
Setup 6SL (2x2.5)
Sharpen (2x1)
Sharpen (2x1) *
Shutdown (2x2.5)*
Simplyx (2x2.5)
Smackdown (bulk)
Sonic (2x7.5).
Spartan Charge (4x1)
Stalwart 3W (bulk)
Status (4x125) *
Status (4x125oz)
Stinger- Clean Slate (2x2.5)
Sulfentrazone 4F (2x2.5)
Tank -275 Cage
Taragon Elite (2x2.5)
Taragon Xtra (2x2.5)
Tempo SC Ultra (6x8oz)
Tepera Plus (2x2.5)
Thunder Master (2x2.5)
Topguard EQ (2x2.5)
Topguard Terra (2x2.5) *
Tordon RTU (12x1)
Transport LpH (2x2.5)
Treaty (Harmony) (8x10oz)
Treaty Extra (10x20oz)
Trevo P (2x2.5)
Triclopyr- Triclopyr 4 (2x2.5)
Trifluralin- TriflurexHFP 2x2.5
Trimec Crabgrass & Weed (12x1)
Trivapro (265) *
Trivapro (2x2.5) *
Ultra Blazer (2x2.5)
Valor EZ (2x2.5)
Valor SX (4x5#)
Veltyma (2x2.5)
Verdict (2x2.5)
Volare DC (2x2.5)
Volley Atz NXT (2x2.5)
Volta (8x10 oz)
Vulture (4x1)
Zidua Pro (2x2.5)
Zidua Pro (2x2.5) *
Zidua SC (2x2.5) *

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