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Product name
2,4-D- 2,4-D LV 6 (270)
2,4-D- De-Ester LV6 (2x2.5)
2,4-D- Defy Amine 4 (2x2.5)
2,4-D- Solve 2,4-D (2x2.5)
2,4 D-Amine (2x2.5)
Acropolis (2x2.5)
Aim EC (6x1qt)
AirLink (2x2.5)
AMS-Zippsol (40x51#) Bags
AMS-Zippsol (40x51) Pallet C&C
Anthem Maxx (2x2.5)
Aproach (2x2.5)
Aproach Prima (2x2.5)
Asana XL (2x2.5)
Atrazine 90 DF(45x25#)
Atz- Atrazine4LFlow (265)
Atz- Atrazine4LFlow (Bulk)
Atz- Atrazine4LFlow(2x2.5)
Authority Elite (2x2.5)
Authority First (2x10#)
Authority Maxx (2x10#)
Balance Flexx (2x2.5) *
Bifenthrin- Bifenture EC (4x1)
Bromacil 40/40 (8x6#)
Cadence Atz NXT (bulk)
Cadence LA NXT (bulk)
Cadet (6x1qt)
Capture LFR (2x2.5)
Chlorpyrifos- Hatchet (2x2.5)
Chlorpyrifos- Pilot 4E (2x2.5)
Chlorpyrifos- Warhawk (2x2.5)
Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG (2x2.5)
Cinch Atz (250)*
Cinch Atz (bulk)
Clarity- Detonate (2x2.5)
Clarity- Dicamba HD (265)
Clethodim- Clethodim 2E (2x2.5)
Cloak (8x5#)
Cloak EX (6x80 oz)
Coact XE2 (2x2.5)
Cobra (2x2.5)
COC 17%- Vigor (275)
COC 17%- Vigor (2x2.5)
COC 60/40- Exchange (2x2.5)
Compadre (4x1)
Compatability Agent (4x1)
Convert Compatability Agent
Copper Sulfate (2#)
Copper Sulfate (50#bag)
Corvus (2x2.5) *
Crossroad (2x2.5)
Defoamer (12x1)
Defoamer (2x2.5)
Dicamba- DicambaDMASalt (2x2.5)
Dicamba- Drexel Dicamba (265)
Dicamba- T-Rex (2x2.5)
Diuron DF- Karmex (40x25#)
DuraCor (4x1)
Dye- Hi-Light Blue (12x1qt)
Dye Red (6x1)
Engenia (125)
Engenia (2x2.5)
Engenia (2x2.5) *
Enlist One (250)
Enlist One (2x2.5)
Equip (8x50 oz)
Erase (4x1)
Ethos XB (2x2.5)
Extreme (2x2.5)
Fierce EZ (2x2.5)
FirstRate (4x.75#)
FirstRate (4x10x.6oz)
Flame (2x2.5)
Flo Rite 1706 (2x2.5)
Flu-Rimuron (4x5#)
Flumioxazin51% (4x5#)
Foam Marker- Everlast (4x1)
Foam Marker Ultra Mark (4x1)
Fortix (2x2.5)*
Gly- Abundit Edge (250)*
Gly- Buccaneer5Extra (2x2.5)
Gly- CropSmart 41 (30)
Gly- MadDog 5.4 (Bulk)
Gly- MadDog 5.4 (partial)
GrazonNext HL (2x2)
Gunslinger AMP (2x2)
Gunslinger P+D (2x2.5)
Hero EC (4x1)
Hornet WDG (4x6#)
Ice Melt
Ilevo (2x2.5)*
Imazethapyr 2SL (4x1)
ImiFlex (2x2.5)
Impact 2.8 SC (12x30)*
Impact Z (2x2.5)
Lambda-Cy- Willowood (4x1)
Lamcap II (4x1)
Levy (2x2.5)
Malathion 5EC (2x2.5)
Malathion 5EC (4x1)
Medal II Atz (250)
Medal II Atz (2x2.5)
Mepiquat Chlor- Mepstar (265)
Mepiquat Chlor - Mepex (2x2.5)
Meso- Mesotrione 4SC (2x2.5)
Meso- Mesotrione 4SC (4x1)
Metribuzin- Metricor DF (2x10#)
Metsulfuron- MSM 60 (8x8oz)
Metsulfuron- Plotter (8x8oz)
Milestone (12x1qt)
Moccasin II Plus (260)
Moccasin II Plus (2x2.5)
Moccasin MTZ+ (2x2.5)
MSO (275)
MSO (2x2.5)
Mustang Maxx (4x1)
N-Pact (250)
NIS 90/10 (275)
NIS 90/10 (2x2.5)
Pacer (2x2.5)
Panoramic 2 SL (2x2.5)
Paraquat- Paraquat43.2%SL (265)
Pathway (2x2.5)
Permethrin- Perm-Up 3.2EC (4x1)
Permethrin- Permethrin (4x1)
Permit (12x20oz)
Pic- Triumph 22K (2x2.5)
Pramitol 25E (4x1)
Pramitol 5PS (25#)
Preemptor SC (2x2.5)
Prevathon (2x2.5)
Protyx (2x2.5)
Radiate (4x1)
Rapport BroadSpec (8x2#)
Raptor (2x1)
Realm Q (8x80)
Reax K (265)
Resicore (250)*
Resicore (265)*
Resicore (2x2.5)
Resource (4x1)
Satellite Hydrocap (260)
Satellite Hydrocap (2x2.5)
Seed-Bromegrass (50#)
Seed-GrazingPasture Mix (50#)
Seed-Oats-Cert Seed (1.5 bu bag
Seed-Permalawn (25#)
Seed-Rye Grain-Fall (1 bu bag)
Sentris(TM) Buff Tech (2x2.5)
Setup 6SL (2x2.5)
Shutdown (2x2.5)*
Simplyx (2x2.5)
Smackdown (partial) *
Spur (4x1)
Stalwart 3W (bulk)
Status (4x125oz)
Status (4x125oz) *
Steward (2x2.5)
Stinger- Clean Slate (2x2.5)
StreliuS II (2x2.5)
Sulfentrazone 4F (2x2.5)
Tank -275 Cage
Taragon Elite (275)
Taragon Elite (2x2.5)
Taragon Xtra (2x2.5)
Target 6 Plus (2x2.5)
Tempo SC Ultra (6x8oz)
Tepera Plus (2x2.5)
Topguard EQ (2x2.5)
Topguard Terra (2x2.5) *
Tordon RTU (12x1)
Transcend (2x2.5)
Transport LpH (2x2.5)
Treaty (Harmony) (8x10oz)
Treaty Extra (10x20oz)
Triclopyr- Triclopyr 4 (2x2.5)
Trifluralin HF (2x2.5)
Trimec Crabgrass & Weed (12x1)
Trivapro (2x2.5) *
Volare DC (2x2.5)
Volta (8x10 oz)
Warrant (265)*
Zidua Pro (2x2.5) *
Zolera FX (2x2.5)

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